When TO USE Drone Photos

  1. When marketing large parcels of Vacant Land (It's a good idea to have the borders clearly outlined)
  2. When multiple homes or structures are on one parcel (see also when NOT to use drone photos).
  3. To show topography or advantages (otherwise indiscernible) of the property.

Note:Properly Label drone photos as "Drone Photo: Prospective / vantage point / angle / view were only achieved via drone, and may NOT be viewable from the subject property."

5 Times NOT to use a Drone

  1. When your roof or gutters need to be cleaned, or mixed matched color of roofing.
  2. When the property is not Manicured (Vehicles, Garbage, etc.).
  3. When you have neighbors yard(s) or home(s) that are less desirable than your home.
  4. When they show High Voltage Power lines that other wise would not visible from the home or property.
  5. When you are attempting to show a "View" of: The Mountain, River, Lake, Sound, Ocean, or Landmark that can NOT actually be seen from the home or property without the power to levitate. Warning: If you advertise a home with a "View" that can NOT be seen from the Subject Property, You may be liable in a lawsuit when the new home owner never achieves that view. (example: Step 1) Drone photos are taken on a sunny clear sky day. 2) Prospective Buyer(s) view on a rainy day followed by 45 days of overcast, fog, and rain 3) Buyer(s) purchase the home with Cash, only 30 days after the first viewing. 4) Two weeks into moving in, the Buyer(s) have their first fully sunny day, only to find No
    Such "Views" as Advertised. 5) Buyer(s), and Real Estate Broker that marketed the property all call their own Attorney and start paying...

NOTE: You want the photos to market the home well. However you also want the photos to market REALITY. If you show views of home from an unrealistic vantage point (example: from above the gutter lines), a prospective Buyer(s) will not be able to duplicate the reason why they are there...

When should a Real Estate Broker use Drone Photography?