The fact that you are reading this page, is already Evidence that you are aware of the need to treat garbage properly. So Kudos to You, and Thank You. The important thing to keep in mind is: The items that end up in OUR landfill will eventually end up in OUR drinking supply. The information contained on this page refers to your personal and/or legal property, for your Discretionary Use, and NOT to be considered legal advise. You are responsible for the Health, Safety, Proper and Legal use (or disposal) of your "Carbon Footprint". And in certain circumstances: Your Family, Your Loved Ones, and Your "Guests".

Breaking it Down

Reduce: There are 2 basic ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint: by Reduction or Elimination. You may be able to Reduce by buying in Bulk that uses less packaging (possibly then refill smaller reusable container(s)). And often the best solution is to Eliminate by finding earth friendly alternatives. 

Avoid Buying: Plastic Water Bottles, Paper Plates/Cups/Bowls/Towels, Alkaline Batteries, Plastic Grocery Bags

Consider Buying Instead: Rechargeable Batteries, Hand Towels, Refillable water bottle, Reusable and sanitary (non-cloth) Grocery Bags

Reuse: Yogurt does not "keep" or transport well in a paper bag, so it is usually in a plastic container. But that does not mean that you can't buy a bulk tub of it and refill (cleaned out) smaller leak resistant, reusable, containers. (saves money, saves environment, everyone wins)

  • Food: Reuse perishable Food by composting (then later add to your raised garden bed for organic lettuce and spices)
  • Paper Towels: Air dry them and use as Shop Rags, Animal Waist pickup, Checking Fluids in Vehicles, etc.
  • Plastic Containers: (Cottage cheese, sour cream, and yogurt containers) use for leftovers for guests to take home, or lunches the following day.
  • Plastic Bags: Tie them in a loose knot, and put 2 in each car for a garbage bag, lawn mower for picking up yard debris, animal leash for animal waist, in your travel bags for dirty clothes, small trash can liner, shipping filler, storage of breakables, hosting a garage sale (See "Garage Sale Tips") Warning: plastic bags can be a choking hazard for anyone, with special emphasis on infants, children, and pets.
  • Boxes from Amazon: Storage boxes, re-shipping boxes, temporary floor protection, protecting items from paint over spray, Child's Play Fort, Garage Sale sign, Gift Packaging.
  • Cords/Casters: If recycling a non-working appliance, (while unplugged) remove or cut off the (in tact) power cord, or remove the casters. They may come in handy later.
  • Paint: If no longer needed, use extra paint to decorate a storage box or (use your imagination)... then thoroughly dry out the remainder of paint before disposal (non-toxic, dried-out, paint does not leak into the water table).

Caution: With Reusing products, there is a fine line between keeping a few items around for Reuse (example 2-4), and a HOARDER. Let's not go there.

Give Away or Garage Sale: Giving to a non-profit organization or friend/relative is better than a landfill. Put it for Free on a "List' that "Craig" has. (See "Garage Sale Tips" on the tool bar). NOTE: When Giving Away or Selling products, (example: papers, or digital storage devices) be careful by destroying personal information such as SSN, ID #'s, Important dates, Passwords, Family history, Medical information, or personal videos/photographs. (Unless you are the legal owner of that information, AND it is your specific intention to give or sell that information.) See also donations accepted at

Recycle:Check with your local Recycling Center for items that they Accept (and do NOT Accept). Some items that they will not pick up at your residence, may still be acceptable at a separate location (Central Hub or Transfer Station, 3rd party vendor, etc.) Some items may be: Appliances, Motors, Vehicles, scrap metal(s), furniture, yard waist, household cleaners, oil, industrial liquids, batteries, florescent bulbs, tires, etc...  

King County Resource: website or Call 1-800-325-6165, ext. 7-4466

Pierce County Resource: website or Call (253) 798-2179

Thurston County Resource: website or Call (360) 867-2491

Garbage: .Now we have reached the Final Resting Place of the items. You have carefully minimixed the "biodegradable and non-biodegradable items. Everyone alive now, and future generations, Thank You for your efforts.

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Why 3 Arrows in the Recycle Sign???

Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle