Declutter, Organize, and/or Storage

Making Spaces feel Open and a Roomy as Possible. A Storage Locker, Donation to Used Items Store, or Garage Sale may be in your future (See Also, Garage Sale Tips).

  • Personal Items Boxed and Stored away
  • 1 Set of Dishes, 1 Set of Knives, 1 Set of Towels, 1 Set etc...
  • DVD's (You too VHS people)
  • Extra Furniture
  • Family Heirlooms
  • "Off Season" Clothes and Accessories (ex. snowboarding equipment during the summer)
  • Extra or Unused Electronics (computers, printers, TVs, etc.)


So you have Achieved a Good First Impressions with the Exterior of your Home. Here is your Checklist to help Keep them, and get it Sold.

Clean is - Clean to the Eyes, Nose, and Touch:

  • The Air (remove unpleasant odor causes, not just mask)
  • Floors (Stretch carpet if necessary, Remove stains, High Traffic areas)
  • Walls (Clean or Paint)
  • Plugs and Switches
  • Appliances (and BBQ)
  • Furnace Filters
  • AC or Heat Pump Unit
  • Pool or Spa
  • Window Inside/Outside (Glass, Frames, and Screens)
  • Curtains and Blinds
  • Furniture

Checklist INTERIOR:

If it's not: (Slip, Trip, Fall, and/or Health) Safe, Fully Operational/Functional, and Visually Appealing, it is to Your Own Advantage to either: Fix/Repair, Paint/Stain, Replace, or Remove. (Check with your local municipality for legal restrictions or conditions.)

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Maintenance and Repairs

Making your Home run like a Well-Oiled Machine.

  • Fix Floor Squeaks (I have some tips for that)
  • Oil/Grease Door Hinges for easy quiet operation (not cooking oil)
  • Make sure All keys EASILY lock and unlock all door locks (Replace if Necessary)
  • Windows Open and Lock easily
  • Heat registers are fully operational (open/close) and Looking New
  • Plug/Outlet and Light Switch Plates are clean and unbroken

Lighting and Fixtures

Natural or Artificial Lighting can bring a Feeling of Warmth and Comfort to an otherwise "Cold" home.

  • Let as much Natural Light in as possible (without sun fading)
  • Clean all Light Fixtures
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working and installed to manufacture specifications.
  • Use Highest Wattage per Fixture Specification.
  • Exchange "generic" white bulbs for "Natural Light" Bulbs
  • Install lighting in dark areas
  • Avoid artificial colored light bulbs in both Interior and Exterior (Yellow, Green, Red, Etc.)

Kitchen and Bath

Commonly know as, The Rooms that Sell a Home:

  • Keep clutter off of the Counters
  • Store Appliances when not in use (blender, rice cooker, etc.)
  • Wash dishes and put away
  • Keep food out of sight
  • Remove odor causing garbage regularly
  • Deodorize (Microwave, Garbage Disposal, Refrigerator, etc.)
  • Install Baking Soda in Refrigerator and Declutter
  • Clean Appliances (inside, outside, around, and behind)
  • Clean or Remove and Replace Tile Grout
  • Clean or Remove and Replace Calking
  • Declutter and Organize Cupboards, Drawrs, and Cabinets
  • Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets (Remove Stains, Clean, Polish)
  • Clean out under Sink
  • Polish and Service Faucets or Replace
  • Clean all Fans (Bathroom, Oven, Hood, Microwave, Ceiling, etc.)
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Replace soiled shower curtains
  • Keep laundry out of Sight (And Smell)
  • Service or Replace Toilet Tank components