Things to Avoid

Some items in a home can be a source of Personal Pride (for you the current home owner). And those items could be to others as well, however, to appeal to the largest Home Buyer Audience, let's make your Home as neutral and inviting as possible...


  • Personal or Family photos. Personal Photos can make people feel like they are intruding on Your Personal Space.
  • Dead Animals (Deer/Elk Heads, Raccoons, etc.). Possibly discourage Vegetarian(s), and avid Animal Lovers
  • Heavy Perfumes/Potpourri/Chemical Sprays
  • Religious relics (Statues, Shrines, Cross, Etc.)
  • Specific Sports Team/Player themes (Not everyone is a Local Team Fanatic). Instead of trying to appeal to one sports Team/Player, perhaps appeal to a sport (Example: not a Mariners or Sea Hawks, instead a Bat & Glove or Football & Cleats)
  • Political Items and Statements.
  • Intimate Apparel (undergarments and Etc.)
  • Awards, Plaques, and Metals
  • Medical Equipment (Medicine/Drugs, Personal Devices, etc.)
  • ATF Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms.
  • Being Home While the Home is being Shown to Prospective Buyers

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Things To Do

After you have completed the Checklist of Interior and Exterior (under the "Tips" Tab above), here are the extra tips to make person(s) feel at home...

To Do:

  • Open Blinds and Curtains or Turn on Lights
  • Temperatures between 68 and 72 Degrees
  • Smell of Clean (Not Odor Covered)
  • Bake Cookies
  • Fluffy / Colorful Pillows and Throw Blankets
  • Water Bottle and individually wrapped mints.
  • Very very very soft "Elevator Music" or "Spa Sounds"
  • Landscapes / Cityscapes / Scenery Photos or Paintings
  • Fresh flowers or Small potted plants (Orchid, Bonsai etc.)


Putting it all into place, and now your ready to make your Potential Home Buyers as Comfortable as Possible.

Make A List

When Prospective Buyers have Questions, it is best that those are handled through a Neutral 3rd Party. So have all Questions and Home Tours go through your Real Estate Broker.

  • Do NOT show the Home to anyone unannounced, who drive by, or stop by without representation. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY(Criminals scout out their next Home Invasion this way). It also lets your Real Estate Broker Pre-Qualify them for actual ability to purchase, and follow up with them in a timely fashion to encourage a Sale and possible Multiple Offer Situation.
  • Make a list of Amenities in the Neighborhood (Eateries, Farmers Market, Schools, Coffee Shop, Workout Locations, Etc.)
  • Make a list of all known Positive or Negative aspects of the home. Then let your Professional Representative disclose those to Potential Buyers and their Brokers (See Also Form 17)