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Your Team Needs You...

Real Estate Professional: Be Prepared to Review and Sign, not only the initial Purchase and Sale, but also potential changes, Clauses, and Addenda in a timely fashion.

Mortgage Lender: Even after you have given all the documents to get Pre-Approved, your Lender will need to update your documents throughout the process. The old saying was, "Don't buy a new refrigerator until After the home closes". What this translates into is, you were approved off of your: Income, Assets, Liabilities, and Credit Rating, plugged into a specific Lending Program (FHA, VA, Conventional, etc.). This was your initial "Financial Snapshot". If you were to buy a new refrigerator using credit, this could change your Credit Rating and Liabilities, using cash changes your Assets. So if a refrigerator can do that, how much more so would a new car or job change? So ask your Lender BEFORE making any changes.

Appraiser: Your lender may require this to be paid before time of service.

Inspector: This is usually not a requirement to purchase, but your disclosure "your right to receive a home inspection" will explain your options.

Title Agent and Escrow Officer: Will need past and present physical and mailing addresses. Homeowners/Hazard/Flood/Etc. insurance information. Authorization

#3 Cooperate with YOUR "Team"

Real Estate Professional, Mortgage Lender,

Title Agent, Escrow Officer, etc.:

This is a legal transaction, in which YOUR "Team" will handle many background items seamlessly and in YOUR behalf. Everything will need to be documented, updated, and disclosed to all parties involved (In a timely fashion) throughout this Exciting Process. If they ask for it, rest assured that it is for the benefit of YOUR transaction.

#2 Get a Solid Pre-Approval From a Reputable Lending Firm.

Why is this so Important?

You found that "Perfect Home"... Congratulations! Now you are first in line, and you have given the Seller your Offer... Don't let another Buyer(s) make an Offer that is taken more seriously that yours, because you are not able to provide the Seller with Proof of Ability to Purchase.

3 Things Successful Home Buyers Are Doing!

#1 Have a Full Time Real Estate Professional do Your Home Search.

We are Dedicated to Real Estate and Real Estate Only. We do not work elsewhere, so Our Dedication to achieve your Goal, is our Primary Focus. Our access to the Latest Listings is Second To None, so you have "First In Line" access. Let us Go to Work For YOU!