Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I currently own a Home that is "Multi-Level" (with stairs). Can you Sell my Home AND find me a Great Rambler Home?

A: Happily, the answer to both questions is YES WE CAN. Most of our clients need to Sell their current home simultaneously with the purchase of their new Rambler Home. We'll facilitate both transactions for you.

Q: Can you sell my Home (with or without stairs) if I am not going to be Buying a New Home.

A: Yes. And we will be here for you in the future, if you should need to purchase at a later time.

"The New You..."

Looking for a Home with a Master Suite and All of Life's necessities located on the Main Floor? We'll take care of everything, from Selling your current home (that doesn't fit your needs), to finding you a Great New Home that Lives the way you want to Live. Living One Level...


Rambler Homes and Real Estate Specialist

Mission Statement

Think of a Home, were you can do all the day to day necessities, without constantly climbing stairs. The Kitchen, Master, Great Room, and... all on the Main Floor. Most of our Homes are Rambler Style, a few may have a basement, loft, or additional rooms in an upper level, however the "Rambler Lifestyle" is still there. Over the last 2 Decades of Real Estate, we have developed a network of Organizations, Corporations, Groups, and Individuals that we have in our Exclusive Direct Marketing Campaign. Which for our Seller's, means that we can bring more potential Quality Buyer's to the table. And in relentless pursuit of these Homes, we can bring the Freshest Stock of Homes to our Buyer's... 

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"The Rambler Relocation"

Helping everyone, from Baby Boomers to First Time Home Buyers, finding the right home to fit your needs, with an eye for Quality Craftsmanship that will last. Finding you Spaces made for Living and Enjoying Life. Over 20 years of Experience and Stability insures that we will be there for You and Your Friends and Family for years to come...